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Sales Representative  [18/04/2019]

Are you a successful and confident Sales Representative looking for a fantastic new opportunity?

If you are driven to succeed, ambitious and looking for the next step up -this could be the role for you.

We are a highly credible cleaning services provider in London, accredited member of vast number of organisations and we value our people!

The Sales Representative Role has fantastic benefits and commissions and we are looking for the perfect match to our vibrant and fun team.

You will be building a rapport and accessing the customer needs so you can ensure you offer the best service for them.

It is essential you are:
∙ Proficient and passionate in sales
∙ Highly focused, with clear attention to detail
∙ Capable to manage workloads
∙ Multitasker
∙ Confident and a great communicator

You will be based in our office in Plovdiv and will report to the Operational Manager

Please apply if you believe you are our perfect match!

We offer a competitive salary and reward bonus scheme.

For further details please send your CV to the email provided.

All successful candidates will be contacted directly and invited for an interview.

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