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Dermatopathologist, Sweden  [19/05/2018]

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For a very dynamic and driven University Hospital with focus on the competence development and wellbeing amongst the employees, we are now looking for a skilled Dermatopathologist with minimum 5 years of experience within the field. You will have a possibility to work within an international environment together with well-known and renounced specialists with a clear goal.


The clinic which consists of four sites, has a significant educational assignment and also welcomes interest within research where interesting project are active and can be active as well as the possibility to help with financing of research. It’s an international environment with state of the art research. Within the clinic there is also two sites with a broad spectra of services for the pathologist who is more interested in the clinical day to day work and development. Further working conditions in Sweden are very generous so that you are able to combine an interesting career with family life and a rich spare time.

We will of course help you with coordinating and arranging language training and be of assistance when it comes to the entire relocation process.


We look forward to your unconditional application and you’ll of course be anonymous until you agree on otherwise! 

To apply: please send your CV (and any other files)

 mentioning reference code DM-47 at info@phd-jobs.net

Contact person: Mr. Vitaly Pryadka

Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822

Web: http://www.phd-jobs.net

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